Talking Pictures / K21 Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen / Düsseldorf

A strong interest in theatrical themes and forms of expression is currently becoming apparent in contemporary art. Since the 1960’s, theatricality has received lasting condemnation in connection with the fine arts. However, today this category has a great artistic appeal. This also applies to the live qualities of theatre, to its palpability and artificial methods of presentation and also to its sometimes clumsy techniques of illusion. The exhibition Talking Pictures – Theatricality in Contemporary Film and Video Art, curated by Doris Krystof, will be running only at the K21: from August 18 to November 4, 2007. Talking Pictures features a selection of artistic works produced after 2000 by Ana Torfs, Markus Schinwald, T.J. Wilcox, Danica Dakic, Catherine Sullivan, Gillian Wearing, Keren Cytter, Yang Fudong, Mathilde ter Heijne und Victor Alimpiev. By Thom de Bock.

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