Anri Sala: A Spurious Emission / MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami

On the occasion of MOCA’s Vanity Fair Party, members of The Cleveland Orchestra performed Albanian artist Anri Sala’s “A Spurious Emission”. The performance is based on an encounter that Anri Sala experienced while driving across Arizona, listening to baroque chamber music on his car radio. The broadcast was disturbed when Anri Sala pulled into a rest area and an unknown station playing country music intermittently interrupted the baroque music. This kind of interference is called spurious emission. Anri Sala commissioned a composer to transpose this sound experience into a musical score, performed by a baroque trio, a country band and a radio announcer.
Anri Sala: A Spurious Emission. MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami. Vanity Fair International Party. December 2, 2008.

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