Acconci Studio and Ai Weiwei: A Collaborative Project / Para/Site Art Space Hong Kong

In this video, VernissageTV takes a look at the exhibition “Acconci Studio and Ai Weiwei: A Collaborative Project” at the contemporary art space Para/Site in Hong Kong Island. Para/Site Art Space has invited Ai Weiwei and Vito Acconci to create a work together. Both artists have never met before, so the collaborative process is kind of a “blind date” for them. Both artists mutually admire each other. They both started from an interest in performance, and moved later on to architecture.

“The project transforms the gallery space into a 3D grid, where both studios develop a work in progress. The installation will be in constant mutation and accumulation during the two months that it is open to the public. New works, models, drawings and various materials are added through the period of the exhibition, and it is the result of the ongoing discussion between Ai Weiwei, Vito Acconci and their studios. The result is a multilayered installation that defies orthodox definitions and approaches.” (Excerpt from the press release).

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