Agathe Snow: All Access World / Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin / Interview with Agathe Snow

In her major solo exhibition titled All Access World at Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin, the New York-based Corsican artist Agathe Snow focuses on monuments, trademarks, and historical sites and investigates how they leave their mark on collective memory and national identity. The exhibition presents large-scale collages, and mobile sculptures. For the sculptures Agathe Snow has taken familiar motifs such as the Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, the New York skyline, and the bright yellow McDonalds arch and mixed them together. The sculptures are placed on a distorted pink world map and the visitors to the Deutsche Guggenheim are invited to move them around.

VernissageTV attended the opening of the exhibition and did an interview with Agathe Snow. The above video is an excerpt of the interview, the full-lenght version is available after the jump. The artist gives us an introduction to the exhibition and her work and talks about the basic idea and the elements of the show, and her working method.

Agathe Snow’s work group is the 16th artist’s commission for the Deutsche Guggenheim. The series was initiated in 1997. Since then, artists such as James Rosenquist, Jeff Wall, Anish Kapoor, and Julie Mehretu have created works for the Deutsche Guggenheim. Agathe Snow’s All Access World continues this series of large-scale installations.

For the exhibition at Deutsche Guggenheim, Snow founded the fictional enterprise “All Access World” with the stated goal of “a more democratic approach to monument ownership and distributiona.” In this conceptual context, monuments are transformed in an irreverent process into consumer products that reflect the respective taste, interest, and experiences of their “owner.”

Agathe Snow: All Access World at Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin. Opening reception and interview with Agathe Snow. Berlin / Germany, January 27, 2011.

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Agathe Snow: All Access World

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