Resfest Swissmix / Interview with Monica Pozzi

Interview with Monica Pozzi Resfest Swissmix
Interview with Monica Pozzi about Resfest Swissmix. Swissmix is the selection for young Swiss filmmakers of Resfest Switzerland. Swissmix provides young Swiss talent with a professional platform and may work as a steppingstone to reach an international audience. This year’s participants have been Dominic Lahiff / GMD Three, Jonas Meier; Oliver Conrad (Kompost); Ramon & Pedro; Tom Hänni; Victor Jaquier; Memi Beltrame; G. R. Mayer & I. Pavan; Dominik Löhrer, Beda Meyer, Simone Löhrer; and Peter Volkart. Together with Laurence Desarzens Monica Pozzi is producer of Resfest Switzerland. November 27, 2005.

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