Jonathan Meese / Mama Johnny / Deichtorhallen Hamburg / part 3

“Whereas Meese is well-known for his extraordinary performances, the fusion of “grand” theatre and exhibition is new terrain for the exceptional multimedia artist. In invariably overextravagant scenery settings made out of pictures, texts, emblems, signs and symbols, objects, and word-creations that deal with every imaginable person of power, myth and historical greatness of mind, stars and starlets of pop-culture, or with his heroes from fiction and film, Meese creates his own universe far removed from the norm. It is populated by Caligula, Stalin, Marquise de Sade, Richard Wagner, Balthus, Zardoz or Dr. No, to name but a few of the people and figures whom Meese gives new contexts of meaning to, and in doing so, intentionally goes beyond conventions and follows his own laws.” (PR Deichtorhallen). Opening reception “Mama Johnny” at Deichtorhallen, play “Kokain” and after show party, Hamburg, Germany, April 27, 2006. Part 3/3. PS: Hallo Polizei!

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