Tal R / Fruits / Contemporary Fine Arts

Tal R (born 1967 in Israel) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. The exhibition “Tal R: Fruits” at Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin presents new sculptures. “Tal R is a master of the elevation and mystification of everyday life…The bronze sculptures by Tal R that have been emerging over roughly the past two years are not formed by the artist’s hand in the classical sense. Pumpkins of various sizes form a column that tapers in the middle and recalls Brancusi’s endless column. Pumpkins are turned into heads, not dissimilar to the American Halloween custom. Interpretation is left to the viewer. Do fruits and vegetables, cast in bronze and mounted on bottles, celebrate simply the form, or do they make up a personnel which could have emerged from a child’s (bad) dream?” (PR CFA). In 2007 the Louisiana Museum near Copenhagen devotes a large exhibition to his work. An exhibition catalogue including an essay by Rudi Fuchs will be published. Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin, April 29, 2006.

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