Ernesto Neto / how to put it up, dulcieneia! / Bob van Orsouw Gallery

Following numerous international solo exhibitions (Kunsthalle Basel, MOCA/Los Angeles, ICA/London…) Ernesto Neto (born 1964 in Rio de Janeiro) for the first time presents his work at the Galerie Bob van Orsouw. “A topos of Neto’s work is the ‘nave’, a hanging, walk-in sculpture of thin fabric that is modified according to the spatial or topographical situation (in the barren expanse around Santa Fé, Mexico, Neto installed a ‘Stella nave’ outdoors). The ‘nave’ envelopes the human body like a porous membrane that, in rhythm with his movements, expands and recedes. … In the Galerie Bob van Orsouw, Neto will realize a sculpture based on the concept of the ‘nave’ that comprises the entire room and hangs from the ceiling, a kind of amorphous utopian architecture that mirrors the artist’s interest in the unchecked sprawl of a big city like Rio de Janeiro, Neto’s birthplace and habitat.” (PR Galerie Bob van Orsouw). Impressions from the opening reception, Bob van Orsouw Gallery, Zurich, June 2, 2006.

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