The Great American Nude / Harvey Levine Gallery, Los Angeles

Harvey Levine presented a group exhibition organized by artist Matt Wardell and Harvey Levine called “The Great American Nude”. Including works both abstract and representational, nude, is interpreted alternately in subject, concept, and material. The exhibition features work from established and emerging artists. Several artists have made work specifically for the show including Kristi Lippire, Koh Byoung-ok, Yoshua Okon and a video projection produced by Gustavo Herrera and Ryan Lamb. Also featured will be Skip Arnold’s 1983 video ‘Girls in Bikinies’.” (HL). (Info). Harvey Levine Gallery, Los Angeles. Impressions from the opening and statements by the artists Aaron and Kiva Garber-Maikovska, and Ed Gomez (new project). August 4, 2006. By VTV correspondent Slim K. PS: Upcoming exhibition at Harvey Levine: Allyson Mitchell & Andrew Harwood: “defend the sugarbush” (September 9 – October 7, 2006).
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