Laurent Ajina: Modular World / Marc de Puechredon

Marc de Puechredon Gallery in Basel presents new work by French artist Laurent Ajina (born 1970 in Paris, France). Ajina studied at the University of Architecture Paris – Val de Seine and the Penninghen Art School in Paris. It is his first solo show at Marc de Puechredon. Ajina will be participating in the group exhibition “Insolence” at Guerlain, Paris, in October 2006. Marc de Puechredon Gallery, Basel / Switzerland. Opening, September 23, 2006. Marc de Puchredon will participate in the art fairs Scope London and Miami 2006, and Show Off Paris 2006.

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From the press release: “Improbable volumes, lying on the floor, shoring up the wall, are isolated, aligned or huddled together. The artist uses printing references, creates marks, then folds the canvas in order to work against the resistance of the weaving, he chooses the texture in order to evoke fabrics or plastic, like an empty bag, a ruffled cloth, imaging that a part of the body could slip.
These simulations denounce our relation with objects of mass culture, which share values like immediate recognition, utility and the simplicity of use. They are compositions created with improbable, mysterious forms, with non seizable contents and contents, apparently useless, creating a new circuit, a new field of vision and are thus in permanent motion, fluid and unstable, an endless evolution. The artist says it is a simple question of balance, of transitions to create connections, interactions which reflect his visions of a system.
After a period of ten years of painting, Laurent Ajina presents for the first time his most recent and completely different line of work.”

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