Nit de l’Art (Art Night) – Palma, Mallorca (Spain) / Part 1

On September 21st, Palma celebrated the 10th edition of its “Nit de l’Art” (Art Night), a special event in which all the art galleries, cultural centers and museums of the capital city of the island of Mallorca open their exhibitions on the same evening. Around 27 openings can be attended on this day in the area of the city center. Exhibitions of relevant national and international artists (see programme) take place on this occasion and remain open until the end of October. Part 1 of the video shows the openings at the art galleries and centers ABA Art, Maior, Ferrán Cano, Jule Kewenig, Casal Solleric, Xavier Fiol and Altair. By VTV correspondent Pau Waelder.

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