Marek Claassen / Artfacts.Net / Interview, part 1/2

Marek Claassen / Artfacts.Net / Interview, part 1/2
At the Art Forum Berlin 2006 we met the director of Artfacts.Net, Marek Claassen, and its marketing director, Artur M. Holweg. Artfacts.Net is an international gallery guide for modern, contemporary and emerging art. Marek Claassen talks about the beginnings of Artfacts.Net, the Artist Ranking, and future projects of the web portal. Art Forum Berlin – The International Fair for Contemporary Art, September 29, 2006. Related video: Marek Claassen / Artfacts.Net / Interview, part 2/2.

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Excerpt from the “About” page of the Artfacts.Net web site:

“Artfacts.Netâ„¢ collects, classifies and publishes current international art exhibitions via an extensive database and a dynamically generated web site.
The aim of Artfacts.Netâ„¢ is to provide an online structure for art institutions and internet users to offer an insight into the current state of the contemporary art world.
Artfacts.Netâ„¢ publishes, without modification, content provided by its business partners (galleries, museums, art centers and associations). Artfacts.Netâ„¢ is used as a reference tool listing and organizing unbiased information on exhibitions, artists, galleries, museums and other art institutions.
Thus, Artfacts.Netâ„¢ neither aims to be an art periodical covering current issues and happenings in the art world nor an exhibition guide publishing information on every local gallery or museum.
Artfacts.Netâ„¢ actively seeks business partners amongst the leading international art institutions and also works with lesser known yet noteworthy galleries, museums and associations.”

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