Joni Gordon 33 Years at Newspace, 1973-2006: Good to go / Interview, part 1/4

Gallery owner Joni Gordon talks about 33 years at Newspace. Newspace Gallery Los Angeles celebrates 33 years in a major retrospective exhibiting 114 artists and their art in their own time: 1973-2006. Many artists had their initial exhibition at Newspace. Each of the 114 artists are now called home, back to Newspace. By VTV correspondents Parichard Holm (camera) and Liza Foreman (interview). Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, September 20, 2006. Interview, part 1/4.
PS: A transcript of another interview with Joni Gordon, conducted by Paul Karlstrom, Los Angeles, California on July 8 and September 23, 2002 can be found at the Smithsonian Archives of American Art.

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