Jonas Fahnemann talks about the work of Jorinde Voigt / Fahnemann Projects / Art Cologne 2006

Jorinde Voigt at Galerie Fahnemann, Art Cologne 2006
Jonas Fahnemann of Fahnemann Projects Berlin talks about the work of Jorinde Voigt, a young artist from Berlin. Jorinde Voigt was born 1977 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She studied Visual Arts and was master-class student under Prof. Katharina Sieverding at the UdK in Berlin and has been awarded several prizes for young artists already. Fahnemann Projects was founded in 2002 as a part of the Fahnemann Gallery. In 2006 Fahnemann Projects became independent and is now directed by Jonas Fahnemann, the son of the owner / director of Fahnemann Gallery. Fahnemann Projects and Galerie Fahnemann are located in Berlin Mitte near the Hackesche Markt, and close to the Museumsinsel.
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“Jorinde Voigt’s works are notations and compositions recording events or simulating fictive events: meticulously detailed or rather timed-to-the-second staging of entropy and its arrow clusters. Methods of new music, such as the use of patterns and random systems can also be found in the graphic structures of her works. The sublime is combined with the trivial. As a starting point for her drawings, the artist sets various parameters from which compositions emerge. These are usually things with a symbolic character within society: eagles, pop songs, electricity, BMWs, kisses etc. are registered in generally additive formations and related to one another by presenting information concerning their speed, distance, temporal sequence and duration. Often these set-ups lead to orchestrated destruction. The artist employs a sublimated aesthetic means of representation. The drawing demonstrates and abstracts, and it may be intellectually realised as instructions for action.” (PR Fahnemann Projects).

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