Trans K3 Express / K3 Project Space, Zurich

K3 Project Space presents “Trans K3 Express”, train journey by Sergej Klammer & Sandi Paucic. Trans K3 Express is a model train installation which spreads over all the rooms of K3 project space. Sergej Klammer and Sandi Paucic have chosen works of approximately 30 artist, assembling them into one huge installation. The trains which are equipped with cameras travel through the “artscape” over bridges and through tunnels. These pictures are also transmitted live into the space. K3 project space, Zurich. Impressions from the opening, January 13, 2007.

> Right-click (Mac: ctrl-click) this link to download video file.

Trans K3 Express is an installation by Sergej Klammer and Sandi Paucic. Works contributed by: Andrea Thal, Andreas Dobler, Balkan TV (Helbling / Marusic), Beat Huber, Bob Gramsma, Cat Tuong Nguyen, Christian Vetter, Clare Goodwin, Costa Vece, Daniel Robert Hunziker, Haruoko, Isabelle Krieg (Zusage), Josef Loretan, Jason Klimatsas, Kerim Seiler, Leo Fitzmaurice, Liz Murray & Max Mason, Mario Sala, Markus Weiss, Monica German / Daniel Lorenzi, Relax (Chiarenza & Hauser & Co), Roman Keller, Ron Temperli, Stephan Burger, Susanne Hofer, Thomas G., Vittorio Santoro.

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