/ Interview with Thierry Ehrmann / part 3/4

Not everyone in the village likes Thierry Ehrmann’s Chaos Mansion. Ehrmann has set about deconstructing his property. “Apocalyptic. On the parking lot a score of charred autos look like wreckage from inner city riots or a terrorist attack. All around, huge meteorites have dug craters while further on a plane has crashed into the park. But the most spectacular part of all is no doubt a ten-meter sculpture of the ruined World Trade Center, made with 18 tons of steel and 90 tons of concrete.”
(Richard Leydier, Artpress). Interview: Marek Claassen, Artfacts.Net; camera: Arno Dietsche, VernissageTV. Interview with Thierry Ehrmann, February 8, 2007, part 3/4. English transcript of the interview at Artfacts.Net.

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Remastered version of the complete video (2024):

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