Lorna Simpson / Whitney Museum of American Art

The Whitney Museum of American Art presents a survey of the past 20 years of the career of the photographic and film/video artist Lorna Simpson. Lorna Simpson first became well-known in the mid-1980s for her large-scale photograph-and-text works. Lorna Simpson was born in 1960 in Brooklyn, New York, and received her BFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts, New York, and her MFA from the University of California, San Diego. On view are approximately 17 of the artist’s image-and-text pieces (1985-92) and seven major photographs on felt (1994-2005). The exhibition also features six film installations dating from 1997 to 2004, including “Call Waiting”, “Easy to Remember”; “Interior/Exterior”; “Full/Empty”; “31”; and “Corridor”. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition. Impressions from the press preview. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, February 28, 2007.

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