10 plus 10 / Marc de Puechredon Gallery

On Saturday, June 2, 2007, Marc de Puechredon Gallery opened its new premises at Erlenstrasse 15 in Basel (that’s where Scope Basel will take place, too). On display are works by ten artists of the gallery (Laurent Ajina, Anthony Auerbach, Andreas Hagenbach, Marlene Haring, Iris Nemecek, Leta Peer, Will Ryman, Uwe Walther, Margret Weber-Unger, Daniel Zimmermann) and ten selected artists’ videos (Béatrice Valentine Amrhein, George Barber, dNASAb, Martina Fernandez, Jürgen Messensee, Peng Hung-Chih, Cinthia Salto, Nina Rike Springer, Raphaele Shirley, Daniel Zimmermann). The gallery also introduces “The Drawing Cabinet” curated by Clare Kenny. Marc de Puechredon, Basel, Switzerland. June 2, 2007, impressions.

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