Et voila! Technology meets magic at Sonar 07

The 14th edition of the renowned International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art, Sónar took place from June 14th to 16th in Barcelona. Along its hundreds of concerts and activities, the festival includes SonarMática, a section dedicated to present the latest trends in digital art. This year, the exhibition Et Voilí ! proposed a look at the world of magic by means of media art installations and performances.
Shadows with a life of their own, objects that levitate, invisible creatures, magical tricks and prestidigitation were created by means of ingenuity and technology in the works of artists Masaka Fujihata, Zachary Liebermann, Julien Marie, Takeshi Ishiguro, Christine Sugrue, Clara Boj and Diego Dí­az, among others. Curated by José Luis de Vicente, Óscar Abril Ascaso and Advanced Music, the exhibition is also supported by MediaLabMadrid.
By VTV correspondent Pau Waelder.
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