Isa Genzken: Oil / German Pavilion / Venice Biennale 2007 / part 1/2

Isa Genzken is the artist of the German contribution to the 52nd International Art Exhibition of the Biennale in Venice. For more than thirty years, Isa Genzken (born in 1948) has been producing a diverse oeuvre. Genzken’s extensive body of work includes sculpture and installations as well as photographs, collages and films. The title of the exhibition in the German Pavilion, Oil, has references that intentionally resonate on different levels. “On the one hand, the title explicitly states how oil as a raw material, over which people across the globe struggle, determines present social, political and economic interests as well as their effects. On the other hand, it creates abstract, visual, phonetic, sensory, and material metaphors: Oil is an expression of our time.” (PR German Pavilion). Main Sponsor of the German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale is Deutsche Bank. Further information on Deutsche Bank Art is available at db artmag. Opening of the German Pavilion, Venice, Italy, June 7, 2007. Part 1/2.

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