Thermocline of Art. New Asian Waves / ZKM / part 2/3

The exhibition “Thermocline of Art. New Asian Waves” at the ZKM Center for Art and Media focuses on the multiple realities and hybrid identities that have arisen in Asia through the effects of globalization, post-colonialism, and the poly-contextuality of the diverse cultural, political, religious, and economic systems. The artists react with fantasy, satire, skepticism, humor, and cynicism to the conflicts and absurdities of the social systems between tradition and innovation. According to Peter Weibel, Chairman and CEO of the ZKM and Co-Curator of the Exhibition, “Thermocline” represents “attempt to document the impact of globalization on contemporary art and to discover a new continent of art that has been unobserved until now, a new geography of art production that is characterized by its global expansion. Presently, this production has only become visible in a rising number of biennials, which, in the past decade, were spreading over the globe.”. (PR ZKM). Thermocline of Art. New Asian Waves (June 15 – October 21, 2007), ZKM, Museum of Contemporary Art, Karlsruhe / Germany, July 18, 2007. Part 2/3.

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