The Writer’s Brush: Paintings and Drawings by Writers

The Writer’s Brush is an exhibition based on Donald Friedman’s book “The Writer’s Brush: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture by Writers“ (release date September 2007). The show, curated by Donald Friedman and John Woronski includes more than 120 unique works of art by 80 of the world’s most celebrated writers. Among them are Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs, Jean Cocteau, Douglas Coupland, Aldous Huxley, Henry Miller, Kurt Vonnegut, William Butler Yeats, and many more. The Writer’s Brush: Paintings and Drawings by Writers at Anita Shapolsky Gallery. The exhibition runs until October 27, 2007. Impressions from the opening reception at Anita Shapolsky Gallery, New York, September 13, 2007. Book link
PS: Interview with Donald Friedman, the author of The Writer’s Brush, at New Hampshire Public Radio (Audio).

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