David Fried: Far From Equilibrium / Sara Tecchia Roma New York, New York

Gallery Sara Tecchia Roma New York starts the Fall season with works by David Fried (born 1962 in New York City). On display are his kinetic art pieces (tables with sound-activated spheres), and color photograms. “His hand-crafted “SELF ORGANIZING STILL LIFE” objects consist of interactive, sound-activated spheres, which “dance” in real-time in response to ambient sound, visualizing the live acoustics in a spontaneous and elegantly fluid choreography before one’s eyes. When sound is no longer detected, the spheres come to rest, playing still-life … With his series of color photograms titled “IN BED WITH LUCY AND DOLLY,” Fried uses photo-sensitive film and flashes of light to capture the shadows of fleeting bubble formations – no camera or lens is used.” (excerpts from the press release). Opening reception at Sara Tecchia Roma New York, New York, September 14, 2007.

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