Scott Hug in conversation with Theodore Bouloukos at John Connelly Presents, New York

Scott Hug assumes many guises in the New York art scene, from artist and curator, to graphic designer and publisher of K48, the diminutive art magazine with gargantuan ideas and fabulous friends. In “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late,” his current solo show at John Connelly Presents (October 11 – November 21, 2007), he has introduced a new body of paintings, sculpture, video and text-based imagery, much of it appropriated from tabloid journalism. For Hug, our national obsession with celebrity “news” is nothing more than the media’s complicit and hypocritical morality seeking to distract us from more pressing social and political concerns. Theodore Bouloukos, VTV’s correspondent in New York, met the artist on the occasion of his exhibition’s opening, October 11, 2007. Camera: Darren Trenchard.

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