Georg Herold: wo man kind / Museum Ludwig / Cologne

In the exhibition “wo man kind” at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany, Georg Herold (*1947) confronts earlier pieces (such as: “Bin mal eben Zigaretten holen” (1986) or “There is nothing left -There is no right” (1992)) from the Museum Ludwig collection with new figurative works, occupying the museum space as larger-than-life angular sculptures made of roof battens, canvas and coloured with car paint. Overhead on green painted walls there are hanging framed pencil drawings which are too distant to be seen with the naked eye. But Herold chose a particular way to present them. Interesting is the surprising title of the show: “wo man kind” an amphibology, both in English and German language. The show runs from 26 October 2007 until 24 March 2008 at Museum Ludwig. Curator: Paola Malavassi. By Thom de Bock. PS: Georg Herold is Professor of Sculpture at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.

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