Kendell Geers: Kannibale / Yvon Lambert Paris

Currently, Yvon Lambert Paris is showing Kendell Geers’ first solo exhibition at the gallery (until December 8, 2007). The exhibition references the “Manifesto Antropófago” by the Brazilian poet Oswald de Andrade as well as Francis Picabia’s dada review “Cannibale”. Kendell Geers was born 1968 in Johannesburg / South Africa. “Kendell Geers’ work has, over the years, examined the proliferation of violence in the mass media and how images of violence have become banalised through media-centric methods of representation. Often his work references political issues, racial politics and violence in South Africa, his country of origin…” (source:
Kendell Geers about the word “fuck”: “the word fuck is a key, a mantra, a way of tricking the mind through constant repetition. the visual repetition and decorative appeal creates a retinal mantra that tricks and seduces the eye. the word made flesh. its important that one can still somehow read the words but also that they become so much more, a magical charge that sets off something in the sub-conscious speaking to something deep within us pysche.” Kendell Geers: Kannibale. Yvon Lambert Paris. Paris / France, November 17, 2007.

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