Interview with Chad Oppenheim / Dellis Cay

Chad Oppenheim is one of the architects who design for Dellis Cay, a private island in the Caribbean (Turks & Caicos). He is designing an exclusive zone of villas on the island that will be released during Phase I of the project. The O Property Collection and Nadine Johnson invited us to a plane trip to Dellis Cay where we had the opportunity to talk with him about the project. In this interview Chad Oppenheim talks about his experience in designing for islands, points out the environmental aspects and other island specific issues, and let’s us know what his inspirations are and how he spends his time during Art Basel Miami Beach. For further information we recommend the interviews at, Business Week, and Architectural Record. Dellis Cay, December 8, 2007.
PS: On Dellis Cay we also met the wife of Chad Oppenheim. She is the founder of the Ilona Agency, and designs the materials for Dellis Cay. Dellis Cay, December 8, 2007.

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