Artists Anonymous: The Gunslinger and Other True Stories / AA Galleries, Berlin

In September 2007, art group Artists Anonymous opened their gallery in Berlin. Our correspondent Lizza May David attended the inaugural opening. “The Gunslinger” is the second-to-last installment in Artists Anonymous’ on-going series entitled “The Apocalyptic Warriors”. The Gunslinger (aka Death) is one of six super villains who play the protagonists in a complex fictional story. “Death” at AA Galleries Berlin is the fifth work from the series “Apocalyptic Warriors” after “Hunger” (Saatchi Collection, London), “War” (Goff and Rosenthal, New York), “Castor and Pollux” (Goff and Rosenthal Berlin). See the press release (PDF) for more information. Vernissage TV shows this video as an introduction to the work of Artist Anonymous. AA Galleries, Berlin, September 29, 2007. By VTV correspondent Lizza May David.

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