Believe me! / KIT – Kunst im Tunnel / Düsseldorf, Germany

On its first anniversary KIT is presenting its 5th exhibition “Believe me! Sculpture between Appearance and Reality, Truth and Lies” the works of seven young artists: Janna Grak, Gesine Grundmann, Tina Isabella Hild, Michael Just, Esther Kläs, Heiko Räpple und Markus Zimmermann. After the opening reception (with more than 800 visitors) our correspondent Thom de Bock spoke with Gertrud Peters, the Project Manager KIT and this time also the Curator of Believe Me!. KIT is a really special venue. Kunst im Tunnel (art in the tunnel) is located beneath the promenade along the Rhine Embankment in a dormant space between the bores of the road tunnels, which had lain unused up until 2006. In addition, the entrance area on the promenade “a glazed pavilion facing the Rhine” has become a great new place to eat and drink on the Rhine Embankment. The works in this extraordinary space are on display January 26 until April 20, 2008.

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