Larry Bell: New Works / Seiler + Mosseri-Marlio Gallery / Zürich, Switzerland

Galerie Seiler + Mosseri-Marlio is a new gallery located at Bleicherweg 33 in Zürich, Switzerland. The gallery is focused on American artists. The inaugural show presents new works by Larry Bell (born 1939 in Chicago): four 12-inch vapor coated glass cubes and works on paper called Mirage Works. “Larry Bell’s medium is Light on Surface and his work is devoted to light and the perceptible volume of light… He is best known for his vapor coated glass cubes. While the shape of a cube carves out a precisely defined space, the light that radiates, reflects and transmits from it becomes an interactive environment of the surrounding space.” (from the PR). Larry Bell’s works are represented in major public collections, recent exhibitions include the group show “The Shapes of Space” at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in 2006.

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