Kati Heck / Museum Het Domein Sittard / The Netherlands

On her first solo museum exhibition “Bonzenspeck und Prollgehabe” at the Museum Het Domain in Sittard, Netherlands, the german artist Kati Heck (*1973) is showing monumental paintings, drawings and installations from the last five years. With a no-holds-barred approach, the Antwerp-based artist subtly enshrines her observations in visual elements, compositions and art historical references. During the opening reception we attended a performance of the artist escorted by some of her friends. Our correspondent spoke with Lene ter Haar – the curator of the show – about mincemeat, sausages and gherkins…
The exhibition is on display from April 5 until June 15, 2008. By vtv correspondent Thom de Bock.
Opening reception, April 4, 2008.
PS: The T-time accompanying the Kati Heck exhibition is on Sunday May 18 at 12:30 pm.

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