Guillaume Bijl at EXPO S.M.A.K. Gent, Belgium / Interview with Philippe Van Cauteren

“I don’t think an artist creates. An artist testifies. I engage in therapeutic activities in a highly realistic form in order to settle accounts with my times visually. You could also say that I have an iron strongbox in which all social forms are stored: drivers’ education, shoe store, atomic bomb shelter, waiting room, shooting range, professional reorientation center. For the most part I’ve let that be seen, I’ve settled the account, and once that’s done the box can be closed. That’s a kind of therapy.” (Guillaume Bijl in an interview). The show at EXPO S.M.A.K. (Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst) Gent / Belgium runs from April 05 until July 06, 2008. Our correspondent Thom de Bock spoke with Philippe Van Cauteren, the Director of S.M.A.K. Gent. April 11, 2008.

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