Carl Friedrich Schröer meets Suzanne Pagé / Art Cologne 2008 / Interview

Remarkable coincidence: Just after the interview with the 2003 Art Cologne prize winner Werner Spies, Carl Friedrich Schröer met the 2008 Art Cologne laureate, Suzanne Pagé. Suzanne Pagé was the long-time director of the Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris. The Art Cologne Prize “honors Pagé’s outstanding achievements in the promotion and encouragement of classical modernism and contemporary art.” (PR Art Cologne). The laudatio will be given by Professor Werner Spies, winner of the 2003 Art Cologne Prize. Art Cologne, April 16, 2008.
PS: The interview was conducted in French language.
PS: Download versions of the Live Art Talks: Click here!

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