Ich habe nicht genug ihr matten Augen / Universal Cube / Spinnerei, Leipzig

On the occasion of the Rundgang of the SpinnereiGalleries, there were three institutions (Halle 14, Universal Cube, Columbus Art Foundation) in Halle 14 that were opening exhibitions at the same time. Halle 14 is a non-profit art centre, a place for the presentation of contemporary art and a space for reflection and communication. The Universal Cube presents works by the students of the Academy of Arts Linz (until 24th May, 2008). The show is a cooperation between the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig and the Kunstuniversitaet Linz. It has been curated by Andrea Pesendorfer, Andrea van der Straeten and Hubert Lobnig. In this video we have a closer look at Martin Music’s chairs, Hannes Langeder’s “Nix, Hrimfaxi ovum ‘Der Grosse Gackerer'”, Marlene Haderer’s “My fucking beautiful life”, Sigrid Krenner’s “Ohne Titel”, Stephan Pirker’s “Singing Skeleton Pilot 04-simulator”, and Wolfgang Bretter’s “Otto”.
The Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (class of Joachim Blank) constructed the project space Universal Cube in 2006. Since then it has been used as an experimental exhibition stage. Leipzig, May 1, 2008.

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