Brian Conley: Decipherment of Linear X / Pierogi Leipzig / Interview with Brian Conley

For the spring Rundgang (walkabout) of the SpinnereiGalleries Pierogi Leipzig presents Bahamian artist Tavares Strachan and Brian Conley. We had a closer look at the project of conceptual artist Brian Conley. Brian Conley presents the body of work “Decipherment of Linear X”. This project began ten years ago when he discovered several dozen wooden sticks which were covered with elaborate incisions. The calligraphic qualities of the marks resembled one of the oldest known written languages – but were in fact made by beetles. Because of this similarity, Brian Conley decided to conduct a thought experiment. In this video he tells us more about it. Pierogi Leizpig, Opening, (part of the Rundgang / Walkabout of the Spinnerei-Galleries Leipzig), May 1, 2008.

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