SITE Santa Fe Seventh International Biennial, Lucky Number Seven / Interview with Laura Heon / part 2/2

Lucky Number Seven is SITE Santa Fe’s seventh international biennial, curated by Lance M. Fung. In this episode we have a look at the work of the artists Wael Shawky, Fabien Giraud, Raphael Siboni, Studio Azzurro, Soun Hong, Scott Lyall, and Piero Golia. In this video, director Laura Heon talks about ephemeral character of most of the works, and SITE’s program apart from the biennial (exhibitions, education, lectures, events). SITE Sante Fe Lucky Number Seven, July 8/9, 2008. Part 2/2.
PS: Not all of the artists who participate in Lucky Number Seven present their work in SITE’s building. We have documented their work in separate videos: Martí­ Anson’s flour mill on Santa Fe’s Museum Hill, Nick Mangan’s A1 Southwest Stone, Hiroshi Fuji’s Kaeru (coming soon).

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