Talk as Talk can: A conversation at SITE Santa Fe / Excerpt: Rose B. Simpson

TALK AS TALK CAN: This episode brings you an excerpt of an informal conversation between SITE Santa Fe Biennal Lucky Number Seven artists Luchezar Boyadjiev, Eliza Naranjo Morse, Nora Naranjo Morse, and Rose B. Simpson. Eliza Naranjo Morse, Nora Naranjo Morse, and Rose B. Simpson are a family of artists from Santa Clara Pueblo. In this video, Rose B. Simpson talks about cultural identity, what it means to be indigenous, the indian art world and the contemporary art world and what her family’s participation means for a redefinition of what indian art is.

Full length version (56 min., download, .mp4-file in zip-archive)
PS: Thanks to Max Friedenberg for the audio!

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About the artist’s work for Lucky Number Seven:
For SITE Santa Fe International Biennial Lucky Number Seven, Eliza Naranjo Morse, Nora Naranjo Morse, and Rose B. Simpson created a line made from adobe and other organic materials that traverses the interior of SITE Santa Fe, while extending out into various off-site locations throughout the city. Taking the basic form of a line, their elegant work functions as a physical and psychological link between objects, people, space, and place.
Luchezar Boyadjiev organized and trained a group of young people from Santa Fe to be a part of his Art Squad. During the Biennial, they travel to different cultural institutions in Santa Fe interacting with people and speaking to visitors about subjects ranging from contemporary art to the environment. For Boyadjiev, dialogue is art, and the exchanges that occur between people often reveal new, unknown perspectives.

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