Jutta Koether: The fact that you place your bet on red… / Galerie Francesca Pia, Zurich / Pre-Opening

In this episode, we attend the pre-opening of Jutta Koether’s exhibition at Galerie Francesca Pia in Zurich, Switzerland. Jutta Koether is an artist as well as a musician, a writer, a theorist, and an art critic. Jutta Koether is a member of the artist collective Reena Spaulings and regularly collaborates with musicians such as Tom Verlaine (Television) or Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth). Jutta Koether (born in 1958 in Cologne, Germany) lives and works in New York.
The exhibition at the gallery Francesca Pia presents two series of paintings: the abstract “grid paintings” and a group of works in which Jutta Koether appropriates Cézannes still lives – both series painted exclusively in reds.
Jutta Koether: “The fact that you place your bet on red does not mean that the black is not still there”. Galerie Francesca Pia, Zurich, Switzerland. August 22, 2008.
PS: Coming soon: Jutta Koether’s performance at the gallery.
PPS: August 29, 2008: Opening of the exhibition and Season’s Opening in Zurich with summerparty starting 6pm in the backyard of the löwenbräu building.

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