Aleksander Komarov: Weichensteller / Kunsthalle Winterthur / Interview

Currently, the Kunsthalle Winterthur presents “Weichensteller” (Switchman) an exhibition with works by Aleksander Komarov. Aleksander Komarov presents the video installation “On Translation: Transparency / Architecture”, which was first shown at the Istanbul Biennial in 2007. The other two works on display are “See you in Disneyland” (2006), and his latest work “Estate”. In this interview, Alexander Komarov talks about his work and specifically about “On Translation” and “Estate”.
While the topic of “On Translation” is political power and the way it’s communicated (with images of the Bundestag in Berlin, the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam, and the Atatürk Cultural Centre (AKM) in Istanbul), “Estate” deals with different kinds of resources: real estate in the cities of Frankfurt and Ekaterinburg, and abstract values of the stock exchange and of art collections (in this case the German Stock Exchange and the Deutsche Bank Art Collection).
Aleksander Komarov was born in 1971 in Grodno, Belarus. He lives and works in Rotterdam and Berlin. The exhibition runs until October 5, 2008.

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