Halina Jaworski: On the way home / Galeria Miejska “Arsenal”, Poznan / Poland

Halina Jaworski shows her “shaped canvas” and “ancestor series” in the city gallery “Arsenał” in Poznań, Poland. Halina Jaworski was born December 13 1952 in Gdansk Poland and had to immigrate in 1968. She studied at Bezalel in Jerusalem and made her master at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Polish art historian Bolena Kowalska writes in the accompanying catalogue: “The artist gave a mysterious title to her exhibition in the Poznań-based Arsenał City Gallery, i.e. “On the Way Home”, allowing the viewers to understand it and comment on it their own way. Thus, one can only ask oneself the question if the way home leads to the painter’s old homeland, Poland. Or does it lead humans from their birth to death? Besides, the exhibition includes a beautiful blue painting of the “Ecksen” series entitled “Puppenhaus” (Doll’s House). Perhaps this is the destination – the doll’s house that in our conflict-ridden, chaotic, dangerous and noisy civilization remains the only childhood-time safe haven, a quiet place of undisturbed belief in good.”
Presented are works from 1981 to 2008, including “shaped canvas”, “the ancestor series” (acrylic on canvas) and “postcards” (water colour and photo). The exhibition runs until September 24, 2008.
The catalogue including a limited edition is available at the gallery.
Halina Jaworski: Po drodze do domu (On the way home). Galeria Miejska “Arsenał”, Poznań, Poland. By Benjamin-Lew Klon.

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