Ueli Etter: THE PARK / Galerie Hubert Bächler, Zurich / Interview

In Swiss artist Ueli Etter’s show “THE PARK and The Spirit of de Grisogono 1” at the gallery Hubert Bächler in Zurich, Switzerland, a diamond plays a key role: In the year 1996 the Geneva-based Jeweller Fawaz Gruosi introduced black diamonds to the high-end sector of his business. The heart of his collection is the largest known cut black diamond (317 karat) which Gruosi dubs “The Spirit of de Grisogono” (the name of his business partner). In “THE PARK”, Ueli Etter’s illustrated fiction, the precious stone has become the fetish of a society, who’s main institution is a court, the Identity Court. In this conversation with Sabine Triefloff, Ueli Etter talks about his project “THE PARK” which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Ueli Etter was born 1963 in Uhwiesen, Switzerland. The artist and designer lives and works in Berlin and Tel Aviv. Galerie Hubert Bächler, Zürich / Switzerland. Opening reception, August 27, 2008.

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