Alexandra Bachzetsis: Show / Kunsthalle Basel / Interview

Currently, the performance artist Alexandra Bachzetsis (born 1974 in Zürich, Switzerland) presents “Show”, her first major institutional exhibition as a series of interconnected live acts in the main hall (Oberlichtsaal) of Kunsthalle Basel.
Bachzetsis’ exhibition including rehearsals for performances will be open for viewing during Kunsthalle’s regular opening hours. The exhibition’s run will be punctuated by following performances, scheduled to take place weekly: “Dream Season” (October 24/25, 2008, 8pm); “Gold” (October 31, 2008, 8pm); “Show Dance” (November 8, 2008, 8pm); “Handwerk” (November 14, 2008, 8pm). More information about the performances after the jump.
This video is an excerpt from an interview with Alexandra Bachzetsis at Kunsthalle Basel on the occasion of her show with footage of “Dream Season”, a soap opera on stage about who we are; our true selves or made up of other man’s dreams? The complete interview will be online soon. Interview: Karolina Zupan-Rupp. Kunsthalle Basel, October 25, 2008.

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24.10 & 25.10., 8pm: Dream Season. Two men, three women, three episodes: a soap opera on stage about who we are; our true selves or made up of other man’s dreams? Concept: Alexandra Bachzetsis, Performance: Alexandra Bachzetsis, Carlos Garbin/Gabriel Schenker, Liz Kinoshita, Nicolas Lloyd, Martina-Sofie Wildberger.
31.10., 8pm: Gold. A black-and-tan tits-and-ass show complete with the obligatory sprinkling of gold dust, Bachzetsis’ solo piece offers a powerful and fully embodied reflection on dance culture, visual pleasure and the commodification of fantasy. Concept: Alexandra Bachzetsis, Performance: Alexandra Bachzetsis.
8.11., 8pm: Show Dance. Show Dance is a tightly choreographed parade of fourteen strong, self-conscious women who take turns in ‘showing’ off their dance routines, ranging from Lolita naiveté to femme fatale-styled self-control. Concept: Alexandra Bachzetsis, Performance: Daphni Antoniou, Vela Arbutina, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Ann Demeester, Helga Duchamps, Anna Geering, Annemie Goegebuer, Emilie Nana, Ayelen Parolin, Elsmieke Scholte, Anat Stainberg, Lies Vanborm, Elke Vanlerberghe, Gosie Vervloessem
14.11., 8pm: Handwerk. Handwerk is an artwork by instruction, its stage a ballet-like studio, in which the horinzontal bar has been moved to its center and turned vertical into a pole for pole dancing. In her live performance, Bachzetsis and her co-performers aim for conceptual cleanliness, technicality and avoid the grace of a ballerina and the raunchy posturings of a striptease queen. Concept: Alexandra Bachzetsis, Performance: Alexandra Bachzetsis, Ayelen Parolin, Saga Sigurardottir.

Alexandra Bachzetsis: Gold:

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