Nicole Schmölzer: Painting / Galerie Katharina Krohn, Basel

Galerie Katharina Krohn in Basel presents new paintings by Swiss artist Nicole Schmölzer. In these paintings, the color yellow plays in important role. “Yellow interests her partly because it is extremely difficult to replicate, its presence an act of resistance to the age of mechanical (and digital) reproduction. With yellow “even more than with other colors” you must see the actual painting. It is also an evocative color with a wide range of associations, foremost of which, perhaps, is light: like sun breaking through, implying heat, energy, life.” (Excerpt from a text by Lilly Wei).
The exhibition runs until January 17, 2009. This video documents the opening reception of Nicole Schmölzer’s exhibition at Galerie Katharina Krohn in Basel / Switzerland on November 21, 2008.

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