Brian Burkhardt: Bi(h)ome at Gallery Diet Miami, Florida / Interview

This is an interview with artist Brian Burkhardt on the occasion of his exhibition at Gallery Diet in Miami, Florida. The exhibition titled “Bi(h)ome” presents sculptures and objects as well as Brian Burkhardt’s studio, a geodesic dome in which he conceives and creates all his work. Brian Burkhardt creates seemingly organic and realistic natural specimens out of synthetic materials. In this interview he talks about his background as a farmer, clichés in the world of art and the world in general, the role of the geodesic dome he works in, his tools and materials, and specific works such as the rocking chair and the shopping cart.
Brian Burkhardt: Bi(h)ome at Gallery Diet. Miami / Florida, November 29, 2008.
Links: video of Brian Burkhardt working in his studio by The Wet Heat Project; video at PlumTV.

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