Ying Gao: Five Ways to Tell a Story about Fashion / Plug.in Basel

Canadian fashion designer Ying Gao (born in China in 1973) playfully explores the aesthetic potential at the interface of fashion, art and technology. The current solo show at plug.in in Basel presents five projects that exemplary stand for Ying Gao’s approach: Indice de l’indifférence, (uni)forms, Walking City, Living Pod, Swiss quality 1.

Sometimes Ying Gao uses new technology as tools, sometimes as a source of inspiration, and sometimes its the garments that have the technology inside (new material, interactive clothing). Ying Gao uses software to conceptually develop ingenious patterns, and subtly infuses interactive technology into some of her garments. One of the dresses on display at plug.in vibrantly unfolds when triggered by a ray of light, another one breathes gently when touched by a gust of air.

Ying Gao studied fashion in Geneva and Montréal and earned a Masters Degree in Multimedia at Université du Québec (UQAM). Since 2003 she is a professor at UQAM’s fashion school.

In this video, Ying Gao talks about the works on show at plug.in, her background, and future projects. The exhibition is running until the 1st March, 2009. Plug.in, Basel / Switzerland, January 16, 2009.

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