Mike Kelley at Goetz Collection, Munich

In a comprehensive exhibition The Goetz Collection is showing more than 40 works by American artist Mike Kelley. The spectrum ranges from early paintings from 1976 to large installations from his Kandors series of 2007, and shows the wide variety of the artist’s media through selected individual projects. Several large installations, in some cases with elaborate video projections, are complemented by a series of drawings, an audio installation, sculptures and numerous videos.

Works by Mike Kelley were first shown at Sammlung Goetz in 2000 jointly with works by Peter Fischli and David Weiss. Following further purchases in recent years, Ingvild Goetz has built up one of the largest private collections of Mike Kelley’s works worldwide. This now makes it possible to put on a wide-ranging exhibition of individual works by one of the most important artists of the present day, following a curatorial concept that he himself developed.

The exhibition runs until April 25, 2009. Video by Gürsoy Dogtas.

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