Erik van Lieshout: Im Netz / Museum Ludwig, Cologne

For his solo exhibition at Museum Ludwig, Dutch artist Erik van Lieshout, made some changes to the museum’s architecture. From the foyer, a temporary wooden stairway leads to the basement of the museum where he shows a video that was filmed in Cologne. Rather than being a video about the museum, it’s a video in the museum.

Erik van Lieshout’s video will be exhibited along with selected sketches, drawings and paintings that were done during its production, and which were partly used in the video in the form of animations.

From the press release: In his videos, Erik van Lieshout (*1968) has developed an almost ethnographic eye for the surroundings he visits with his camera. And with the same lack of compromise with which he shows the people and places he encounters in this way, Erik van Lieshout also trains the camera on himself. Which is why his works are never films “about” something. Much as his approach allows him to reveal political and social aspects, he holds up a mirror to the people he observes so that camera and artist become integral parts of the situation during the work process, and Erik van Lieshout’s entanglement in it all goes much further than that of an “embedded correspondent”.

Erik van Lieshout: Im Netz. Museum Ludwig, Cologne / Germany. Opening reception, April 23, 2009.

> Right-click (Mac: ctrl-click) this link to download Quicktime video file.

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