Jonathan Horowitz: Apocalypto Now / Museum Ludwig, Cologne

Good to know: The apocalypse will be delayed – at least the one caused by Global Warming. For the presentation of Jonathan Horowitz’ film Apocalypto Now at Museum Ludwig in Cologne is climate neutral: “Solar panels have been installed on the neighboring roof terrace, which looks out onto the Cathedral. The relationship between the sun and the panels is analogous to that of the projector and the screen, and the energy that the projector uses is regained by the solar installation.” (excerpt from the press release).

And if you think there’s not enough sun in rainy Germany, don’t worry! It really works: “The work of the American artist Jonathan Horowitz (*1966) employs the technique of montage much like a music DJ samples bits and pieces of songs. Scenes from classic movies are combined with obscure bits of media detritus to make critical connections between disparate narratives. The primary structure of Apocalypto Now is taken from a documentary on the history of the Hollywood disaster movie. Footage from documentaries on climate change and scenes from movies reenacting the 9/11 World Trade Center attack are intercut. Connections are drawn between disaster as entertainment, real life catastrophe, and the apocalyptic beliefs of religious fundamentalists. The central figure connecting these strands is the actor/director Mel Gibson. As with other players in Apocalypto Now, (self-)destructive impulses are channelled through religion and art. Gibson is not always successful, however, in containing these impulses.”

Jonathan Horowitz: Apocalypto Now at Museum Ludwig, Cologne / Germany. Opening reception, April 23, 2009.

PS: Review of Jonathan Horowitz’ retrospective And/Or at P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center by Holland Cotter at The New York Times, by Howard Halle at Time Out New York, Steve Pulimood at Art in America.

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