:mentalKLINIK: PuFF / Art Unlimited / Art 40 Basel 2009

Turkish artist duo :mentalKLINIK’s installation PuFF reminds of a boxing ring with little black robots fighting against each other and the glitter that is sprayed on the floor of the ring. PuFF attempts to create an unidentified space, an indecisive zone of repetition replete with the absurdity of a floor, which is continually filled with glitter only so that it can be continually vacuumed.

:mentalKLINIK was founded in 2000 by Yasemin Baydar (born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1972) and Birol Demir (born in Ankara, Turkey, in 1967). Art 40 Basel 2009.

PuFF was presented by Galerist gallery, Istanbul, in the Art Unlimited sector of Art 40 Basel 2009. Basel / Switzerland, June 8, 2009.

> Right-click (Mac: ctrl-click) this link to download Quicktime video file.

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