Atelier OÏ: The Dancers / Interview with Aurel Aebi at Design Miami 2009

The design studio Atelier OÏ was founded in 1991 in La Neuveville in Switzerland by Aurel Aebi, Louis Armand and Patrick Reymond. The name of their studio is inspired by the the Russian word for trio, Tr(oi)ka.

Their work ranges from design and set design to architecture. Their work has been recognized by various awards such as the if Design Award (2003), the Living at Hoome Award (2007) or the Product of the Year Award (Architectural Record, USA, 2008).

At the booth of Mitterrand & Cramer Gallery at Design Miami 2009, VernissageTV ran into two of the founders of Atelier OÏ, Aurel Aebi and Patrick Reymond. Mitterrand & Cramer was presenting their scenic and scenic work “Les Danseuses” (The Dancers). The installation has been developed for the inauguration of Atelier OÏ’s new space, the Moïtelle.

In this conversation with Sabine Trieloff, Aurel Aebi talks about “Les Danseues” and a related work made of Corian, their creative work and how the three creative partners work together, Atelier OÏ’s “Materiotheque”, their connection with ECAL (University of Art and Design Lausanne), and future projects.

Interview with Aurel Aebi at Design Miami 2009, December 1, 2009.

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